Domestic rules and regulations of our holiday-villa plus Useful information for after your booking.

Upon arrival our staff will await you and show you around in our holiday-villa. Near the front-door hangs a bunch of keys with the following keys:

Front-door key. When locking up for the night, please take the key from the lock and hang the bunch on the door-knob, otherwise our staff can’t get in with their key in the morning.

Key to our gate. Lock the gate at night and our staff also has a key to unlock in the morning.

Key to the project’s main gate. In principle you will only need that in case you arrive back home late at night and Ketut, our security would not hear you at once. He is responsible for locking and unlocking this gate.

Key to the shed: at the entrance of our gate.

In principle the doorknob at the front door is the best place to keep this bunch of keys.

No smoking is allowed inside our holiday home. However, you are free to smoke outside and cigarettes and shag-tobacco cost a mere 70 eurocents a packet. Plenty of ashtrays are available so please no cigarette-ends in our garden.

On the desk you will find a folder containing all the necessary information. First of all about the working of all domestic appliances and furthermore brochures with tips on restaurants and day-trips.

A visitors’ book is also there and we would appreciate your inserting some lines about your experiences during your stay.

TV, DVD-player and portable CD/VCD-player as well as the air conditioning are all easy to operate. Just check the information in the folder in case of problems.

A Sony Playstation with about 15 games is available for you to use. That is easy to operate too (certainly for the youngsters).

Washing etc. will be done for you by Iluh and Moni. Just hand them the dirty laundry in the morning and later on you will find it ironed in your room.

Vakantie Villa - Personeel

In case you want something to be washed additionally, with a special treatment or an extra washing of the bed-clothes, just let them know. Normally spoken the bed-clothes are washed weekly.

Bed-clothes, beach towels, towels and washing-gloves are available in sufficient quantities.

All rooms, including living- and dining-room have separate air conditioning. Use them only when really necessary. Electricity is extremely expensive on Bali and leaving them on unnecessarily is bad for the environment and our purse !

Tip: Turn the AC on at approx. 25 degrees when going to bed and set the sleep-timer for 1 or 2 hours. A lower temperature is not advisable because then the difference will be too great.

reakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by Iluh and Moni. For instance, you just mention that you would like an egg for breakfast and how you would like it done and it will be arranged for you. It is very common for them to serve you some fruit at the end of breakfast. Drinks and a bite to eat between times are also served by them, of course, but you can also get
some yourself.

The swimming-pool is kept tidy as far as chemicals are concerned by Ketut and he also cleans it regularly. The pump is switched on and off by him too. Near the pump-switch is the switch for the lighting of the pool.

Tip: Do bring belts or swimming-belts with you for use in our swimming-pool if your children can’t swim yet. These are really expensive on Bali and can’t be bought everywhere.

Your own mobile phone will undoubtedly work on Bali, but be aware that phoning overseas is rather expensive. When someone phones you from abroad, you will be charged for the costs as well. Preferably let members of your family phone you on our Balinese mobile number (see below).
In that case the costs are about 20 to 25% of what your own country’s provider will charge you.

We have a Nokia mobile phone for you to use. The number is +62(0) 8123862950. In the house you can connect it to an outside aerial for maximum range and this mobile is only to be used on Bali. (in case you use our mobile please pay our Ketut once only rps 100,000). Your family, wherever in the world, can simply call the number mentioned without extra costs for the Bali number.

There are plenty of books for you to read and some family-games for you to play. Moreover there are some toys for the smaller guests. Furthermore you will find some guidebooks with tips and things worth knowing about Bali.

In the dining area of the living-room is a dining-table with ten chairs but if your party is not too extensive you are advised to eat outside on the terrace where there is a dining-table for six.

When going to bed at night, kindly switch off all the lights, also of the outdoor lighting and the swimming-pool.

As mentioned earlier, you can use our Balinese boat for free and ask Ketut to explain to you in what way boat and engine work. The engine is in the Gudang (our private shed) so please ask Ketut to get the engine out for you. In case you go snorkling or fishing, remember to take the anchor with you and be aware of the fact that you are out at sea and not on some small river at home ! The engine runs on normal petrol that is everywhere to be bought. There is a full jerrycan in the Gudang and kindly leave it filled up again.

Our garden is full of plants, flowers and trees. Have a quiet look around and enjoy everything that grows and blossoms in our garden. There are also some fruit-trees there and should fruit like bananas, mangos or grapes be ripe, don’t hesitate to eat them.

At the back of the garden in the direction of the beach there is a holy tree with a small temple in front of it. On special days, both the staff of the entire project and some locals come to sacrifice there. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly see a woman in special garments standing near this temple.

Our staff members work 6 days a week about 8 to 9 hours daily. They will always ensure never to be free at the same time. Normally spoken, Iluh is free on Saturdays and Moni & Ketut on Sundays.

Should any problems or complaints arise which cannot be solved with either Ketut or Sudi of our helpdesk, please contact us directly.