What has our holiday villa in offer?

In January 2001 we visited Bali for the first time and spent some time finding a fine location to have our holiday villa built. Only when we came across the present project, we found our Balinese paradise.

The smell and sounds of the Far East with all its mystic and customs as well as all kinds of ceremonies used on Bali touched us deeply and we immediately thought: “This is it!”. Contracts were signed in May and already in the following month of September we could return to be present at the delivery of our holiday villa. During the two weeks that followed we completely fell in love with Bali and especially the area around our villa.

Bukti and in fact the whole of northern Bali has not been a destination for mass-tourism so consequently the local population live their lives as they have done for thousands of years. Bali’s around 3 million inhabitants are 95% Hindu and the remaining 5% are either Muslim or Christian.

Now back to our holiday villa and its guest-home, and what to expect.

Our holiday villa was built on a property of about 1400 m2, fully enclosed by pillars and fencing. The villa itself covers an area of approx. 200 m2, all single-storey.