A spacious living- & dining-room with a dinner-table for 10 people plus high chair. Comfortable chairs, TV, dvd-player with lots of dvd’s and a playstation with a large number of games are also at your disposal.

We also have a mobile phone [+62(0)8123862950] which can be used for local calls on Bali and for receiving calls from abroad.

Two airconditioning units are also available but you won’t need them very often as life on Bali mostly take place outside!

Vakantie Villa - Woonkamer Vakantie Villa - Woonkamer

Next to the living area is an open-plan kitchen with a scullery, a very large frigde and a washing-machine and cupboards. Moreover ther’s an installation for hot & cold water to which 5 gallon bottles, which you can buy, can be connected. There’s also an oven/microwave combination.

You won’t neccessarily find yourself in the kitchen very often, for actually it is the domain of our Iluh and Moni who will do the cooking, washing and ironing for you!

Finally the kitchen is equipped with a small medicine cupboard with some useful first-aid items.

Vakantie Villa - Eetkamer Vakantie Villa - Slaapkamer

From the living area you enter a corridor and you’ll see the master-bedroom of approx. 5 x 5 metres. Inside you’ll notice a great four-poster bed (2.10 m. long x 2.00 m. wide) and 2 foldings beds.
Also in this room are a 4-door wardrobe and a dressing-table with mirror and 2 chairs.
There’s an en-suite bathroom with shower and toilet.

The 2nd bedroom measures 3.60 x 3.60 metres and is furnished with a 2.00 x 1.80 metres double bed, 2 pedestal cupboards, 2 folding beds and a 4-door wardrobe.
This room also has its en-suite bathroom with shower and toilet.

Vakantie Villa - Slaapkamer

The 3rd bedroom also measures 3.60 x 3.60 metres, has a 2.00 x 1.80 metres double bed, 2 pedestal cupboards and a spacious wardrobe.

Vakantie Villa - Slaapkamer

All bedrooms are fitted with air-conditioning.

Back in the corridor you will find a separate toilet and a number of fitted wardrobes.

Beach-towels, towels, washing-gloves, dish towels etc. as well as bed linen are available in double quantities, so there’s no need for you to bring them along.

Moreover all sorts of games and plenty of books to read are at your disposal.

The guest-home is situated at the front of the garden, about ten metres from our villa and has a small terrace with table and chairs.
Inside a spacious area with double bed measuring 1.80 x 2.00 metres, a pedestal cupboard, a four-door wardrobe and its own air-conditioning.
Furthermore a small open-plan kitchen with some kitchen-utensils and also a hot- & cold water installation for 5 gallon bottles.
There is a separate bathroom with wash-basin, shower and toilet.

Vakantie Villa - Gastenhuis Vakantie Villa - Slaapkamer

What about the possibility of an hour of Balinese massage at home ?
Via Sudi of the helpdesk you can ask Komang (Sudi’s sister) to come over for this massage. At a cost of approx. 65,000/70,000 Rupia (6,00 euros, dependent on the rate of exchange), this is a real bargain. Komang also gives head- and neck massage and pedicure.

All in all this is a completely furnished holiday villa and guest-home with every convenience enabling you to do what you came for: to relax and enjoy a carefree holiday!