What can the immediate surroundings of our holiday villa offer you ?

The north of Bali has definitely not yet been discovered by mass-tourism, so in case you like to go out, visit disco’s or enjoy a lot of hustle and bustle you’d better not rent our villa !
In that case you are advised to book something in Kuta, Nusa Dua or Sanur in the southern part of Bali.

However, with us you’ll enjoy peace and quietness and every day you will be surprised by the local population with its ceremonies, all kinds of customs and way of life.
95% Of the population is Hindu and if you want to know more about this religion you will certainly not be disappointed in our region.

What can you do and visit in the neighbourhood of our holiday villa ?

Our villa is situated close to the sea, so apart from swimming in our private pool you can also have a wonderful swim in the sea. Snorkling and even diving can be done directly from our villa. Moreover, as already mentioned before, we own a small Balinese boat with engine which is ideal for trips along the coast or to take on a fishing-trip.

Vakantie Villa - Zwembad Vakantie Villa - Uitzicht

When you cross the road at the front of our property you will enter the mountains so hiking in the mountains with regular wonderful vistas is really at your doorstep.

Vakantie Villa - Uitzicht

Together with Jos Ketut, our chauffeur, you can make really superb trips by motorbike/scooter over the mountains to paddy-fields, waterfalls, Balinese mountain villages, breathtaking views etc.
When you have a normal physical condition, you are well advised to do this.
The costs for motorbikes and fee for Jos are to be arranged with him.

Do visit the waterfalls of Les at about half an hour’s drive from our villa. You will have to walk the last part of the trip (approx. 20 minutes) and don’t forget a towel and plastic shoes because you’ll want to stand under and behind the waterfall, of course.

Vakantie Villa - Waterval Vakantie Villa - Waterval

Another possibility are the waterfalls of Gitgit at about a 45 minutes’ drive. These are
somewhat more tourist than those at Les, but certainly well worth a visit.

The nearest big city of Singaraja, which is well appointed to do your shopping, is half an hour’s drive away and is worth visiting a number of times.
Especially the market (pasar) is a real experience.
Singaraja used to be the focal point and even the capital of Bali. For centuries it was the meeting place for different cultures from all over South-east-Asia.
This past is still reflected in the many places of worship of various religions. For example, apart from Hindu-Balinese sanctuaries you will also see Chinese temples and Islamic mosques.
Gedung Kirtya, a historic library, contains a unique treasure: a collection of about 3,000 lontar(=palmleaf)-manuscripts and numerous metal sheets from the 14th century, written in ancient Balinese, on which royal laws were depicted.

In the area between our villa and Singaraja there are a number of temples of great importance,viz.:

In Sangsit – the Puri Beji, dedicated to the rice-goddess Dewi Sri.
In Sawan – the Pura Dalem Jagaraga, the temple of the underworld , with its great excess of ornaments.
In Kubutambahan – the Pura Meduwe Karang, dedicated to the “lord of the fields”, with its very elaborate ornaments with statues. The best-known relief in the temple depicts a Dutch cyclist with a bike using flowers as wheels.

Some distance beyond Singaraja you’ll find Lovina ( North Bali’s tourism hot spot) and a sunset near the statue of the dolphins is not to be missed. There are quite a few restaurants and shops to look around. You’ll also find a number of diving-schools there.

A real must is “dolphin watching”, which involves getting up early for at 06.00 you can book a place on one of the many boats that will search for groups of dolphins about 2 miles off the coast. With a little luck you will see whales as well.
Have some breakfast afterwards and then return to snorkel and feed the fish. They are so used to this ritual that they will eat from your hand !

Be sure to visit Banjar with its natural hot water springs, a small distance from Lovina.

From our villa, just stroll along the road in the direction of Bukti or Air Sanih and be surprised at the kindness and spontaneous reactions of the local population. A small number of restaurants are available in Air Sanih.

There is also a public tennis-court in Air Sanih that can be used by you at a small compensation. During some weekly afternoons the locals play there too and they appreciate it if you join in a game of double or mix.

Opposite the tennis-court you will find a unique fresh-water swimming-pool. Unique because it’s situated close to sea and therefore definitely worth a visit.

For those of you who are divers, Amed and Tulamben will be places for diving not unknown; at about 1 hour’s drive. Tulamben in particular, with the wreck of the US Liberty at only 30 metres off the coast at a depth of 4 metres and sloping.
Naturally, Bali boasts places for diving and firms to assist you all along its coastline.

For those of you who are keen on playing golf there is a magnificent 18-holes golf-course called “Bali Handara Kosaido Golf and Country Club” in Bedugul at approx. one hour’s drive.
This golf-course belongs to Asia’s top-5 courses and is beautifully situated against a mountain slope at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres. It was designed by the famous architect Peter Thompson.
Also phone Komang Sujana, the local pro there, in order to check if there is no tournament on the day you would like to play or maybe to play with him. He enjoys going with you to play a round and he can also give you lessons, of course.

By the way, there is a complete set of Wilson clubs at you disposal in our villa.

Vakantie Villa - Golfbaan Bali Handara

Bedugul is a place certainly worthy of a visit. A great Pasar with especially lots of fruit, vegetables and souvenirs and then next to Lake Bratan, called “the holy lake” by the locals.
Halfway this lake you will find the temple of Pura Ulun Danu, in which Dewi Danu, goddess of lakes and rivers is worshipped.

Near Bedugul, in the village of Candi Kuning, you will find a 130 ha. botanical garden in which you can get a good impression of the wealth of tropical mountain flora. Numerous wild orchids, among them very rare species, are on display there.

On your way to Bedugul you will pass colonies of monkeys on the top of the mountain. It’s quite an experience to feed them as they are used to all those foreign visitors.

As a last tip we can recommend Kintamani at an hour’s drive. Not so much because of the village of Kintamani itself, but rather because of the fine view of the still active Gunung Batur volcano as well as Bali’s highest mountain, the Gunung Agung.
From Kintamani you drive in the direction of Ubod on the Tegalalang, a long road with a great many shops where you can buy many pleasant and low-priced articles.

Jos the chauffeur is well acquainted with all these trips so he can take you there without any difficulty. While on your way, enjoy the wonderful views of the Sawah’s (terraces of paddy-fields).

Vakantie Villa - Sawah's Vakantie Villa - Sawah's

Please note that when visiting temples and the like a sarong is obligatory, also for men and children, so buy them and take them with you on your day trips or rent them at the temples.

Vakantie Villa - Tempel

In our holiday villa you will find a number of travel-guides containing hundreds of other tips to explore Bali.