What has our villa outside offer?

First of all there is a large private swimming-pool (9×5 metres). Depth is 1.40 metres for the first three metres, gradually sloping to 2.20 metres. At the deep end is a diving board.

Adjacent to the swimming-pool is a large terrace with a basketball board, so this game can be played from the pool.

Vakantie Villa - Zwembad Vakantie Villa - Zwembad

The large sheltered terrace with a round (dining-) table and six chairs plus a lounge set on the other side of the terrace, makes this a very cosy spot commanding wonderful views of the Balinese Sea and, of course, our beautiful and well-kept garden.

Next to the swimming-pool is a large sun-terrace, while in the garden you will find six reclining-chairs fitted with cushions that can be placed all over the garden.

Also near the swimming-pool is an open-air shower which we hope you will use before entering the swimming-pool, thus ensuring optimal hygiene for all.

The Garden

In the garden there are two Bale BenGongs (small Balinese rest-homes)

The little Bale Bengong actually is a large bed with soft pillows and cushions, making it an ideal spot for reading or lazing with great sea views and always a nice cooling breeze.

Vakantie Villa - Tuin

The large Bale Bengong contains a round table with settees for some ten people so that you can have a barbeque, play family games or relax in a cosy fashion.

Vakantie Villa - Tuin Vakantie Villa - Tuin

Our garden is fully equipped with all kinds of trees, plants and flowers (some 800 in all) and as a result, butterflies and birds often visit it.
We hope to have made it a little paradise because we have tried to capture Bali’s nature on a small but controlled scale.

At the front of the garden is our guest-home with adjoining storage space (gudang) where our private possessions are situated.
Our staff have a key to this gudang in order to fetch necessary tools or the engine of the boat.
Your suitcases can also be stored there during your stay.

At the entrance of our grounds a small shed was built.

Vakantie Villa - Tuin

Adjacent to our holiday villa you will observe a separate exit with steps leading to the small beach. Normally spoken the gate is locked but you will find the key on a nail at the door-post beside the back exit of the living-/dining-room.
On this beach, which we actually regard as a private beach because only locals sometimes come there, is our Balinese boat with sun-shade. This boat can be used by you without further obligations. Let Ketut inform you and assist you to see how the boat and its engine work.
This boat is ideal for fishing,snorkling, diving or just making a trip along the coast.
As far as snorkling is concerned, it’s not really necessary to take the boat.
From the beach, the reef can be reached by swimming some 60 to 80 metres and there you can see all kinds of fish and coral. The latter must, of course, not be broken off or taken with you!

Vakantie Villa - Prive Strand

In case you enjoy fishing you are advised to bring a casting rod with you. Alternatively, you can go fishing the Balinese way with a “fishing spool” plus some rope and hooks which can be obtained in Singaraja’s main street.
Gede, a local fisherman can assist you and is even prepared to join you during your fishing-trips. Just ask Ketut how to contact him.
While at sea, always take tides, currents and sudden changes in the weather conditions into account !!

Vakantie Villa - Prive Strand Vakantie Villa - Prive Strand