Things to know about Bali before you start

Such as passports, airlines, tourist-tax, vaccination etc.

– Your passport must be valid for 6 months after departure from Bali, so keep that in mind.

– Several airlines fly to and from Denpasar Airport, all via different stops, such as:

Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong

Singapore Airlines via Singapore

Malaysian Airlines via Kuala Lumpur


– When (unfortunately) you leave Bali again, please take into account that you will have to pay some sort of tourist-tax amounting to Rupiah 150,000 (about 13 euros) per person. Also important is the white tourist-“embarkation/disembarkation”-form, which each traveller had to complete upon arrival and which has to be handed in at your departure. High fines are imposed in case you can’t produce them.

For necessary vaccination we refer you to your G.P. or local Health Service. We are not really in the sticks so normally spoken not much can happen here. However, situations may vary per individual and one person can find him/herself in other areas than another. As far as we know there is no malaria on Bali.