We hope that you won’t need them but for good order’s sake we will show you the ropes.

We have made arrangements with a very good doctor so that he knows about regular guests in our holiday-home. When you phone him for a home visit, which is no problem at all for him, tell him you are in Ton Breeweg’s holiday-home (project 2 – dua) in Bukti.


Dr. Gede Handra

Jl.A Yani/Bukit Indah 1

Banyasri Singaraja

Telefoon 0362-23798

Mobiel 0812 3605733

Here he has his own practice from 07.00 to 09.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00, 7 days a week. But remember you can always reach him on his mobile in case of an emergency.

His address can be found as follows:

Upon arrival in the centre of Singaraja you must turn left because of one-way traffic. After about 500 metres turn right at the first major road and straight on at the next traffic-lights. Again, after about 1 kilometre, straight on at the traffic-lights. Then after about 700 metres, you will come across a triangular square with a petrol station and a large statue in the middle where you must turn left and immediately right again in the direction of Lovina. You will then leave Singaraja under an arch stating SINGARAJA SAKTI. After this arch continue for about 500 metres and on your left is a narrow street where at the
beginning is a white sign with dr Handra’s name.

Dr Handra is also the manager of the local hospital at the following address:

RSU, Kertha Usada,

Jl. Cendrawasih no. 5


Telefoon 0362-26278

They also have a few private wards there if need be, and the hospital can be found as follows:

Drive to the centre where you must turn left because of one-way traffic. After 500 metres turn right at the first major road and go straight on at the following traffic-lights.

After some 300 metres from the traffic-lights (a small distance past the FUJI shop) there is a narrow street to the right. The hospital is situated at the end of this street.

A chemists’s can a.o. be found in Singaraja’s main street and close to the hospital. Dr Handra also has a pharmacy with his practice.