Shopping etc….

Close to our holiday-home are some small shops for necessities, but don’t expect too much.

Good news for those among you who like fish. The local fishermen regularly drop by to sell all sorts of fish. You will certainly have to bargain, or let Iluh or Moni do that for you. Fish can be bought along the road as well.

In Singaraja are a number of good supermarkets, such as:

– Cahaya Baru. As soon as you enter Singaraja this is situated about 1,500 metres from the traffic-lights, at your right hand side.

– Hardy’s. To be found as follows: Upon arrival in the centre of Singaraja you must turn left because of one-way traffic. After about 500 metres, take the first main street to the right. Then, after the next traffic-lights (directly after the BCA Bank where there are cash- machines), immediately right again. Go straight on and after the 2nd traffic-lights Hardy’s is on your left.

– The Pasar, the daily market, can be found as follows: Drive as stated above (to Hardy’s), but turn right at the BCA Bank into the main street, which is also one-way. Here are already many little shops and parallel to the main street you can enter the Pasar where especially vegetables and fruit are for sale. Always bargain as much as you can for that is customary on Bali and certainly on a Pasar.

There are also a number of Chinese shops where you can buy things other than those in the supermarkets, such as wine, liquor, frozen goods, butter, mayonnaise etc. You will find them as follows:

GLORIA, the small Chinese: drive again as mentioned above but at BCA and the traffic-lights just drive on. Gloria is on your right just past the crossing.

WIJAYA, the large Chinese is the same way but now after the traffic-lights about 700 metres on your right (just past Mandiri Bank). There is also a confectionery.

Agrobis (tel. 0362-26667) takes orders for groceries by phone. There is a list in the tray on the writing-table. You are advised to ask Ketut to phone them for they don’t speak English.

Our last tip concerns bread. You can eat it, especially when you use a toaster. However, Malibu (tel. 0362-41671) bake French bread and croissants all day. You can collect these on the through road in Lovina but they also deliver their bread at your home at the cost of Rupiah 25,000. You are advised to let Ketut place the order for the people at Malibu speak English rather badly.

Transport and travelling on Bali.

You can always make use of Jos our chauffeur’s services for trips on the island of Bali. For prices see the menu: ” What are the costs of renting our holiday villa Time Out ”.

All over Bali small buses travel, so-called BEMO’S.

When you walk on to the road from our holiday-home, you just have to raise your hand and they will stop. Mind you, traffic on Bali drives on the left. It is quite an experience to do this once in any case .It is quite possible that hens or even pigs travel with their owner in the Bemo! There are Bemo’s in different colours, like yellow, blue, dark-red and beige.

You can also rent a Bemo for private use, so that the driver stays with you the whole of your shopping-trip. Agree upon the price with the driver before departure from our villa and pay after your return.