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Welcome dear holiday guest.

By means of the following holiday pages we would like to inform you as fully as possible about our lovely holiday home/villa on Bali.

We hope that the infomation about our holiday villa will eventually induce you to rent this holiday home.

In 2001 we had our holiday villa, wich is situated close to the sea, built in the hamlet of Bukti, some 10 miles east of the ancient capital of Singaraja.

From the terrace of our holiday villa you have wonderful views of the Balinese Sea and next to the villa is access to a small sandy/pebbly beach. Its name “Time Out” indicates the idea of what you’ll find after your arrival: lots of holiday pleasure and rest!
The villa is equipped for ten people and besides there is separate guest-home for 2 persons.

In case you are looking for relaxing in a quiet way, regular massage at home, fine sea- and mountain views, tasting the Eastern culture, aquatic sports and playing golf in a climate where temperatures are always around 30 degrees C, we invite you to gather information from the following pages to find what our holiday villa and Bali can offer you.